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Finally, here it is! (to those people who kept insisting on me to write a blog)

Honestly, I haven't a clue as to why I'm putting my time aside to write a blog. I've always wanted to have one, but never really fancied writing diary style entries.

Maybe I'll have another go at it. The first time I started writing for this blog, it was over half a decade ago. The posts I had were exactly the kind of personal diary like boring stuff that most people might not want to read. So I had to take it down.

Along with those personal tidbits, I had tons of crossposted content that I left in, thinking it would spice up things a bit. (Courtesy: Digg social spam tools; I still miss the old Digg). That turned out to be a breeding ground for spam comments.

verbose = 0;

I'm using this blog as a place to put in some amount of brain dump. Since this sub-domain is the primarily shared URL connected to "me", I'll also be using this a place to consolidate all my other l…