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Out of sync audio video on linux?

Couple of days back, I played around with pulseaudio modules, sources and sinks and all that stuff (Obviously not knowing what I was doing). Few days later, I noticed that video playback from youtube (or any audio visual content) started to become choppy and slow often to the point of audio getting out of sync very quickly. I wasn't sure what the cause of this problem was. I initially thought my CPU was stepping down due to the heat. But it turns out that it was my screwed up pulseaudio config.

Doing `rm -rf ~/.config/pulse` followed by `pulseaudio -k` (kill the pulseaudio daemon) instantly fixed this issue. 


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Adding Nextbit Robin to udev rules

If you ever had to use adb or fastboot for your android devices on linux, you may have noticed that devices show up only when you add 'sudo' to these tools. This isn't good. Here's a way to remedy it. Instructions tested on openSUSE tumbleweed.

* Update your adb and fastboot from Android Studio SDK manager (platform-tools) or wherever you got it from.
* Make sure your user is added to the "plugdev".  Create a plugdev group if it doesn't exist "sudo groupadd plugdev"
* Add your user to plugdev "sudo usermod -a -G plugdev $(whoami)"
* Edit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules (create file if it doesn't exist) and add the following line for nextbit robin:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="2c3f", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev" Replace the ATTR{idVendor}'s value with your device's value. For all nextbit robin devices, these are the same "2c3f". You can find them by typing "lsus…

Installing fonts and using it in Xresources

Drop the .otf/.ttf font file in ~/.local/share/fonts (or the deprecated ~/.fonts/)

Rehash fonts db using: fc-cache -f -v (or reboot)

Find the font family name by grepping for it like: fc-list -v | grep "Nerd font" | grep "family:"

My result was "DroidSansMono Nerd Font"

In ~/.Xresources, put in this line: xterm*faceName: xterm*faceName: DroidSansMono Nerd Font:size=16:antialias=true

And finally: xrdb ~/.Xresources